Shortcode/Longcode Messaging


Short Code Messaging

A Short Code is a 5 digit special number which is very easy to remember and also much shorter than normal mobile numbers. Short Code works with Keyword. Keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the short code number for e.g. if your company name is XYZ Ltd and you took a keyword say XYZ on our short code, when your customers send an SMS from any mobile with message XYZ and space, they will get a automatic instant reply which is set by you. Advertising agencies prefer to use it as the response to their advertising campaign. Short code service is mainly useful for Advertisers, Media like TV’s, Radios, Newspaper and all advertising channels. Effective Mass reach is possible through Short Code.

Our Short Code Features

Supported to receive sms from all telecom operators in India

Customized Auto Reply: A auto-response message for all incoming messages

Unlimited Sub Keywords: You can create unlimited sub keywords of main keyword and create different reply message for every sub keyword

SMS Alert: You will receive alert sms for incoming sms if you specify your mobile number to receive alert sms

Email Alert: An email report would be sent on the desired email. You can use different email id for different keywords and sub keywords

Complete Reporting : Online Control Panel to get complete report of client incoming numbers/messages with date & time

URL Forwarding: The incoming message can be forwarded to your web server or application

Industries using Short Code

Content Providers: SMS, Jokes, Quotes, Stock Market Tips, Commodity Tips, Tea Market Reports, Jewelers, Portal Websites

Educational Institutions: Exam Results Announcement, Quiz Contests, Entry Forms Businesses/ Industries/ Consumer

Goods Companies: Lead Generation, Dealership Enquiries, Product Support, Product Promotion, Online Distribution Channel Ordering, Account Statements (Balance, last 5 transactions), Product Information etc

Typical Application Industries: Banks, Co-operative Banks, Credit Societies, Educational Institutions, Government Organizations

Long Code Messaging

A Long Code is a 10-digit Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) which is basically a mobile number hosted on a server to receive SMS's and process them based on the keywords which users subscribed for. Long code messaging is similar to short code messaging but enables 2 way communication between an Organization and their Users/Clients. It is widely used in events such as Reality Show Voting, Customers Feedback, Lead Generation, Online Subscriptions, Examination Results and Entertainment Verticals. These 10 Digit Long Code Numbers are accessible globally and are not restricted to the networks within India.

Key Features of our Long Code Messaging

Unlimited Sub Keywords

Unlimited Incoming SMS

Inbuilt SMS Forwarding

Real Time URL Forwarding

Customizable Auto Reply SMS

Instant Detailed Reports including Date & time of SMS received